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Basement Flooring Recommendations

When homeowners make a decision to finish their basement, basement flooring in one of the most important aspects in the process. There are so many different choices for basement flooring that choosing one material can be a difficult process. Also, it is imperative to make sure that the basement is not suffering from any moisture problems. This needs to be addressed before any flooring is laid out.

Finding out if the lower level of your home has moisture problems in not that difficult. Simply tape a couple trash bags around the floor of your basement and let them sit for a day. After that, check underneath the bags and see if you can feel any condensation. If you do, the basement has issues with moisture. If these issues are occurring, basement waterproofing may be needed to fix them. Consider this an option before doing any kind of renovations.

From all of the choices that there are to pick, we are going to cover the most recommended basement flooring options available. These options consist of:

  • Concrete flooring should be the first basement flooring option chosen by far. This type of floor can be painted or stained to create any kind of design you desire. In many circumstances, concrete flooring in relatively inexpensive and they make great insulation.
  • Stone tiling is another great basement flooring option to explore. Not every type of stone is natural for a basement, but durable stone tiles have become a popular choice. The only issue is that if they are too soft, they may not hold up as well.
  • If those two types of flooring do not quite fit your appetite, there are other materials you can put in place like laminate or ceramic tile. The only problem is that these materials can possibly trap moisture under them, making existing moisture problems worse.

Basement Flooring Options To Avoid

When choosing basement floors, stay away from solid hardwood materials. With the costs that come with this material, there really is no way to justify the price of it being installed in a below grade area. Plus, if any king of moisture were to get to it, it would rot and warp, ruining the investments you have made.

Also avoid carpeting. Carpet is notorious for trapping moisture underneath it unless moisture has been completely removed from the basement. If you feel strongly about carpeting as a basement flooring option, make sure that all moisture has been removed or plan on placing down large rugs that can be changed out every so often.

By choosing your basement flooring wisely, your finished basement can be turned into the most popular room of the home.

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