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Basement Waterproofing, Sump Pump Service & Crawl Space Repair Solutions in Detroit


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Proven Basement Waterproofing, Sump Pump
Service & Crawl Space Repair Solutions in MA and RI.

Basement Waterproofing and Crawl Space Repair Services in Royal Oak, MI

Basement Waterproofing of Michigan is a long time waterproofing expert, offering the residents of Michigan the reliable solutions for wet basements and crawl spaces. Our basement and crawl space waterproofing systems protect your property against future water problems and help provide peace-of-mind and a dry below ground space.


Basement Waterproofing of Michigan Services in Royal Oak, MI

At Basement Waterproofing of Michigan, we offer a variety of services from foundation repairs to basement windows. We offer the following services in your area:



Craw Space Repair

Why Customers in Royal Oak, MI choose Basement Waterproofing of Michigan

There are many reasons why you should trust Basement Waterproofing of Michigan to fix your wet basement or foundation issues, among many other residential problems. Here are just a few reasons why we're the best choice:

  • Locally owned and operated.
  • The most advanced waterproofing products available.
  • Ccertified basement waterproofing specialists  available to address even the most challenging basement issues.
  • Expertly trained project managers who design best-in-class systems and oversee every project.
  • Fully insured - we carry general liability, truck insurance and all our employees are covered by worker's compensation insurance.

Completed Jobs from Royal Oak, MI

  • Susan B. from Royal Oak, MI
    February 08, 2019
    In order to encapsulate the Royal Oak homeowner's basement we installed a new crawl space door as well as Crawl Shield and Dimple Shield. This installation is covered by a 25 year transferable warranty. The dimple shield will divert water while the crawl shield which is above the dimple shield, will stop the infiltration of water and gases from going into the home.
  • Shawn Dorsey from Royal Oak, MI
    March 27, 2019
    To prevent water from continuing to enter the home we installed a customer GrateDrain perimeter system. We installed a full Thermal Finish shield on the walls along the system to create a vapor barrier and protect against moisture, mold, and mildew. The homeowner also had a sump pump system installed to collect the water from the dual chambered Grate Drain System
  • Catherine M. from Royal Oak, MI
    May 21, 2018
    Installed the Grate Drain perimeter system, Sump Pump and thermal finish shield to waterproof the basement. Also installed Carbon Fiber Straps along wall to permanently stop all movement of the foundation wall.
  • Bud M. from Royal Oak, MI
    June 25, 2018
    Installed Fast Pump-Sump Pump and the Grate Drain Perimeter System to fully waterproof the basement.
  • Janet V. from Royal Oak, MI
    November 06, 2018
    Inject crack from top to bottom to stop water from coming into the basement.
  • Mary B. from Royal Oak, MI
    December 27, 2018
    Provided crawl space encapsulation as well as insulation and debris removal for crawlspace.
  • Aaron S. from Royal Oak, MI
    November 06, 2018
    Installed Grate Drain sub floor drainage system. Also installed level one ground water control system that included sump pump and water alarm as well as installing wall shield to protect basement walls.
  • John F from Royal Oak, MI
    July 13, 2016
    Basement Waterproofing of Michigan installed 80 feet of Fast Drain, 80 feet of Thermal Finish Shield, Full Wall Product, a GrateSump Pump, and a FastSump Power Inverter Back-up.