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Adding A Basement Bathroom

Adding a basement bathroom is not only super convenient, it makes your home even more valuable. The problem is that adding a basement bathroom requires more than just basic knowledge about drainage pipes and sewer lines. Making sure that waste is removed from the home is a little challenging, so it is not exactly a do it yourself kind of job. There are all kinds of basement bathroom ideas you can explore, and having a professional install the bathroom for you can make your creativity come to life.

The very first thing that needs to be done before and renovations are made is basement waterproofing. This process is a necessity to protect all of your investments, as water can literally destroy all of the additions you put in place. If you need to get basement waterproofing done, there is no one better than Basement Waterproofing of Michigan to handle the job. We will make sure that water is kept out of your home completely and that your renovations are safe.

Top Basement Bathroom Ideas

When it comes to finally having the bathroom added to your basement, there are a couple things you need to consider before you start the renovation. Depending on the size of the bathroom you are getting installed, consider these few options:

  • Would you like to add a vanity or pedestal sink?
  • Are you adding a full bath with a shower or tub, or a half bath with a toilet and sink?
  • What is the type of basement lighting you will be using?
  • Will the walls of your shower be tiled?
  • What is the type of basement flooring you will use?


The most common decision that people make is having a full basement bathroom installed. It very convenient to the availability of a full bathroom above and below, especially when you have a big family. Not only that, but it really does add resale value to the home. The only mistake that people commonly make is not installing enough lighting. A good type of lighting used is recessed lighting. They work very well for basements and they look good.

Whatever decision you make for your basement bathroom installation, just make sure to hire a knowledgeable professional to handle the job. Make sure that the company you hire is trustworthy and has a good history of customer satisfaction. A professional installation will make all the difference.

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