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The Cost Of Basement Waterproofing

It is true that the cost of basement waterproofing is not exactly the cheapest thing to pay for. However, it is extremely important to have it done. Basement waterproofing is the best defense against the problems that come with water and moisture such as flooding, rot, mold and mildew, and rotten smells. If you happen to have a finished basement, water can ruin all of the investments you have put into it.

Getting an exact basement waterproofing cost is a little tough. There are many different factors that affect the cost of basement waterproofing. The most effective methods are typically quite expensive and may need a lot of excavation. The cheaper methods may not need as much work, but they are not guaranteed to be permanent.

Basement Waterproofing Cost Considerations

Basement waterproofing methods are split up into two categories:

  • Interior Solutions
  • Exterior Solutions

Interior solutions, also known as negative side projects, is when water is being moved out of the house. This usually means that the water problem is on the inside of the home, making it easier and cheaper to fix. Exterior work may not be needed in these types of situations. There are three types of interior solutions:

  • Drain – This is a system that will move water out of a home through some kind of hole in the foundation. This method is paired with a sump pump to make sure all the water is removed. These solutions will often include basement wall insulation combined with a vapor guard. The price of this system starts at about two thousand dollars.
  • Epoxy Injection – This option is typically unfavorable because it is not a permanent solution. It is a cheap temporary method that fills cracks and basement wall leaks in a concrete wall. These start at about three hundred dollars.
  • Sealants – These are also sometimes unfavored because they have high fail rate. The usual basement waterproofing cost of sealant based material is four to eight dollars per square foot.

Exterior solutions, also known as positive side projects are used to keep water out of the basement. These jobs are done with excavation and are a little more expensive. There are two types of exterior solutions:

  • Excavation – This is a favored solution that is done by installing a trench underground or a perimeter drain. The basement waterproofing cost range for this is usually high though, starting at twenty thousand dollars. This all depends on how easy it is to access the target areas and also how much digging and landscape remodeling needs to be done.
  • Sodium Bentonite – This method is disliked by many contractors because it is temporary and difficult to control. The installation of clay with dirt can clog drains, creating further issues. This method can start around five hundred dollars.

Always keep in mind that every basement waterproofing company is different and will come with their own methods and price range. So the best way to get an accurate basement waterproofing cost is to research the companies and what they offer.

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