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The Importance of Crawl Space Encapsulation

Many homeowners may not be aware of this, but encapsulating a crawl space is one of the most important services a house can get. Homes built on crawl spaces utilize that area for many different things such as storage and easy access to plumbing. What you might not know is the air you breathe in the home is circulated through that area. Crawl space encapsulation will ensure that your home maintains a healthy environment.

If your crawl space has a lot of problems in it such as dead rodents or water issues, it can create an unhealthy home environment for your family. The best way to handle this situation is to encapsulate the crawl space. To make sure it is done correctly, you will want to contact a professional. They have the experience to handle it properly, and they also have equipment that cannot be picked up on a local store shelf.

Proper Crawl Space Encapsulation

When your local crawl space encapsulation company arrives at your home, they will follow a specific step by step process to properly fix up the area. These steps consist of the following:

  • To start, they will figure out if the crawl space is ready to be encapsulated in its current state. If they feel that it is not ready, changes will need to be made to get is ready for the sealing to begin. If the encapsulating process is not done correctly, it can cause more problems.
  • Once everything has been prepared and the area is ready to be sealed, the first thing that will be put in place is a vapor barrier. This plastic barrier is placed around the walls of the crawl space and will ensure the sealing will last.
  • At this point, the inner walls and joists are insulated. This is achieved by mechanically attaching foamboard against the wall. They may also use spray foam to attach it. This helps seal up air leaks near the joists which may cause moisture problems.
  • They will then close off all areas that air can get through and make sure that is it sealed tight. Crawl spaces have to be completely sealed to prevent any further issues. Doorways can be built if need be.
  • The air can then be conditioned and a dehumidifier can be put in place.

Once every one of these steps has been completed, you will notice that the crawl space has an entirely different feel. It does not have that mucky and nasty feel it did prior to the encapsulation process.

To get your crawl space properly sealed, contact Basement Waterproofing of Michigan. We guarantee that your home will be happy and healthy after we are finished.

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