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The World Of Basement Lighting

In the process of finishing a basement, one of the coolest things to explore is basement lighting. There are many different ways light can be introduced to a basement, and each one comes with a specific styling and look. It is quite amazing how the look of the lights in a finished basement can be the final touches it needs. Just make sure to waterproof your basement before any renovations are made.

How To Choose Proper Basement Lighting

As fun as it may be to look through the basement lighting ideas, it is important to understand how to choose proper light systems for your style of basement. Taking your basement shape and layout into consideration is a must before the final lighting decision is made. Things you should consider doing are:

  • Try to include as much natural light as possible. This is much easier to do if the basement has windows. If the lower level of your home has windows and doors, avoid covering them up.
  • Make sure there is sufficient light overall. This source of light usually comes from ceiling fixtures and wall scones. Overall lighting can be too harsh, so if there is a strain on the eyes, it needs to reduced.
  • Adding accent lighting is a great way to soften the harsher lighting in the basement itself. For example, a lamp sitting by the couch can add a more lively feel to the basement as a whole.
  • Take the different types of light bulbs into consideration. Each one can offer a different type of lighting and feel, so it is important to experiment. Some different types of light bulbs are fluorescent, LED, and halogen. They can also affect the color and look of your basement floor.

Basement Lighting Ideas

There are many different styles of lighting that can be installed in your basement. Each one comes with it’s own type of installation and varies in look and the style of lighting it emits. Some different types of lighting consist of:

  • Track Lighting – Lights that hang on a track on the ceiling
  • Pendant Lighting – Lights that drop from the ceiling
  • Recessed Can Lighting – Can shape lights inside the ceiling
  • Industrial Style – Lights that fit well with the “unfinished finish” look
  • Quartz Halogen Track – A special type of track lighting
  • Recessed Light Panels – Large, rectangular lighting fixtures

When you make the decision to finish your basement, you do not have to stress out about it. It is something you should have fun doing. Interior design is an exciting process that shows off your personal style and taste. So relax and enjoy experimenting with all the basement lighting ideas available to you.

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